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BioSecure is a provider of revolutionary IP-based stand alone access control, identity management and biometric matching implementation. Scalable from entry-level to large-scale projects, BioSecure gives you a truly unified platform using BioAccess software which can be cloud based and standalone secure door control modules. BioAccess is a feature rich standalone access control system that can support up to multiple readers per door control module, simplified in one package that is easy to install. BioAccess uses the most accurate and proven biometric matching technology using Morpho biometric readers that integrate seamlessly with the BioSecure solution.

  • Access Control: Cards only identify the card NOT the user and are only as secure as the hands they are in. Often times are lost stolen and or damaged costing you valuable time and money.

  • IDS: Pin codes are not unique and can be compromised or forgotten.  Burden shifts from user to user.While CCTV/Access Control & IDS systems are all important if not crucial in certain environments, more can be done.

biosecure can make you pro-active not reactive

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BioSecure uses the world leading technological biometric readers ranked #1 by National Institutes & Technology. Biometrics is the only true identifier of people giving you the security of knowing who went where and did what. Typical physical security using alarm keypads and/or access controls systems that use cards/pin codes/passwords are not TRUE security and are often compromised. BioSecure offers stand-alone solutions saving you money and giving you real security without the guesswork.

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