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BioAccess is an all-encompassing access control software product that takes the frustration out of the traditional access control process. BioAccess also has mobile apps for clocking on remote sites.


  • Anti-passback (Hard/Soft)
  • Camera integration
  • Vehicle license scanner integration.
  • Mobile vehicle scanner integration.
  • Cloud Storage for multisite implementations.
  • Live Events with Graphical interface
  • Visitor Management
  • App based access that works with GeoFencing technology (Only allow access in a specified area).   Bring your own device or Client can supply a single device for all users on site with a Biometric unit integrated into the device to ensure accurate identification  
  • GPS coordinates stored with each transaction.
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Biometric template management (Various technologies) o   Custom expiration dates for employees
  • Time and Attendance integration
  • SDK for custom development
  • Optional Ethernet based door relays.
  • Integrates with BioMatch/ BioInduction
  • Auto-search devices based on configurations selected.
  • Unified platform with other security products​

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