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CHILDCARE identification

BioSecure offers a revolutionary cloud-based biometric childcare verification solution that seamlessly integrates with any external system and allows for quick and easy enrollment and visitor identification. We help you to ensure the right parent leaves with their child.


  • Cloud based identification in under 1 second.
  • Can enroll up to 20,000 parents per childcare facility.
  • Uses the highest rated biometric brand in the world, ensuring a successful match every time.
  • Childcare providers with more than one branch can have a centralized database, so re-enrollment is not necessary from one branch to another.
  • Simple keyboard wedge output of the parent identifier at the cursor, thus integrating with any childcare software out of the box.
  • Web integration options available free of charge with childcare software providers.
  • Continues to function in an offline scenario.
  • 1:1 Verification supported (Keypad provided with your subscription)
  • Can be cancelled at any time with a refund of the time not used.
  • Intuitive and extremely easy to use and install.
  • Replaces barcodes or manual entry with fingerprints.

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