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  • Lock cannot be tampered with as it is inside the containment unit.
  • Operation of the lock can be controlled from a central location
  • Can be integrated with tracking software and hardware for automated opening and closing of the lock within GeoFenced areas.
  • Biometric integration allows you to securely control who is authorized to open a lock.
  • Logging allows you to see who opened a lock, when and where.



logistics security

logistic Electronic locking unit

With the rate of cargo theft on the rise, BioSecure introduced an electronic locking unit that allows companies to take back control of when cargo can be accessed. The electronic locking unit fits on a standard container or truck trailer door. The unit is placed on the inside of the storage unit, thus not allowing any access to the lock from the outside. The lock can only be opened via  remote control, GPRS or via the cellular network. The control to open or close the lock can be fully controlled by your own centralized control center where the authorization can be either via a username and password or with a more secure fingerprint biometric.

The electronic lock can also be fully integrated with your tracking solution, allowing you to open the lock only when the truck is in the loading or offloading area via a technology called GeoFencing. 

  • Stationary or transportable containers
  • Standard truck trailer doors
  • Storage unit facilities.​
  • Centralized Control